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Driver Duty Status / Engine Status

We are working on Driver Duty Status project in C. H. Robinson. We need to know the status of Driver / Engine on specific time. Let’s say, if I want to know the status of Driver at 9:25 AM on 17-Sept-2020 so I should get one of the statuses from "offDuty""sleeperBed""driving""onDuty""yardMove""personalConveyance" .

This can be solved by Get HOS logs API. Here we have few questions:

  1. This API expects Driver ID to be passed as Input. We can fetch Driver ID from Retrieve a vehicle API. In response of Retrieve a vehicle API, we don’t get staticAssignedDriver attribute always and without that we can’t hit HOS log API. So which API can give us correct duty status on specific time?

  2. If we make sure that staticAssignedDriver attribute come always in response of Vehicle API then we can use it. Also if we don’t pass Start Time and End Time as input, will HOS give current status?

Could you please help us to know the answers?