Using Samsara Driver App login as a means authenticate other driver apps

Hi All, We would like to explore using Samsara's login to authenticate other driver apps. Almost like a "login with Samsara" button within the app that uses Samsara as the IDP to authenticate other services. Is this possible today? In order for this to work, it would have to allow the driver's device to fetch a token and basic info about its own samsara login session and pass to another app. Thanks! \-Nick


How can I get the ralentí?

Looking for Route and Trip relationship

How to analyze which route driver is taking for particular trip if Route Id is not present in Trip table? <br>

Create Recurring Routes Using the API

Is it possible to create a recurring route using the API or via the CSV upload?

Download Attachments from DVIR

Hi, I was wondering if there's an API to grab attachments that are linked to a defect in samsara? Thanks!

DVIR Ability to Select Equipment

Hello! We were wondering if there's a way to be able to select equipment (not vehicle or trailer) in the DVIR tab of the samsara app. Is there a setting in the app that allows that? Or would this be something we would need to develop a custom form? <br>

Not able to embed live tracking in iframe.

Hi I am developing a TMS for a company which uses Samsara. They provide a live tracking url like <br> <> <br> I am unable to iframe this url on our TMS. <br> Is there any different url or something to show the live tracking in our system.

Looking for an APP - Efficiency

Looking for a way to use the data that is being stored in samsara a bit more on calculating the efficiency. For example. Looking at routes planned vs what was driven mileage and time duration. <br>

questions a prospect has for us in order to feed a app via Apis, are the following points possible

2.- Geocoding service You must present a REST type web API where: -Convert coordinates to addresses -Convert addresses to coordinates -Search for addresses of places (e.g. addresses and autocomplete, restaurants, squares, etc.) -It must allow consuming maps in javascript language to display them in the application.

Pax Tracking

Anyone using their RFID option for passenger tracking in Samsara? Wanting to explore doing so for a HOHO tour operation but don’t want to have to pre register cards before. Just hand them out to pax to tap on and off the bus to keep track of the numbers individually