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How to see how many miles left to destination in dispatch

How to add mileage and ETA to the dispatch when puting the address and choosing the truck? I see on other accounts we have this option, but it's not showing up on my account. Only available information when I'm checking the address fro truck is fuel

endpoint to fetch the safety scores and idle time

What is the endpoint to fetch the safety scores(for all drivers)and idle time(%)(for all drivers and vehicles)?

need to share driver tracking

Hi, I want to share the driver's location and tracking link with someone. How can I do that

Camera Health Status

Hello, I'm having issues trying to GET our camera health status from the Samsara API. When pulling from the "List all gateways" endpoint, the field healthStatus shows "Unsupported Product" for cameras (model CM32). Is this data that will be integrated at some point? Or is there another endpoint that provides this info? Or am I missing something completely? Thanks!

Unassigned Driving

We want to pull together a report for the % time a truck was driven with no driver logged in. I believe that we can use the trips API which will return all trips for a single vehicle. Is there another way of getting the data that does not involve multiple requests to the server?

Add trailer to samsara.

Could someone help me how to add trailer to samsara.When I go to asets there isnt option trailer.Thank you

Routing Stops

What is the maximum number of stops that can currently be put onto a route? Are there plans to include high density route (routes with 500+ stops)?

API Vehicles In Proximity Of Location

Inside the Samsara web site, there is a proximity page that allows me to choose an address and a range and a date/time. I would like it if via the API I could do the same thing. My use case is to see which vehicles are near a location 'right now'.

Linking a Route with a Vehicle

Hello! I'm looking to find the realtime location of a vehicle for a particular route. I am getting all the routes with /fleet/routes where I see driver IDs and route IDs. I can see real time locations of vehicles with /fleet/vehicles where I see vehicle IDs. I'm looking through the endpoints, but I don't see a way to link a vehicle ID with a route ID.

Generate Live Sharing link for Asset via API

Hi, I'm aware that it's possible to manually create a live sharing link with an expiration date for a vehicle from the Assets tab. Is there any support for doing this programmatically through the API? Thanks!