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Is there a way of requesting video footage for a specific time period.

If a specific harsh or safety event hasnt occured/triggered but potentially bad driving impaired anoother driver i.e. the notices on the back of a truck "call this number if Im driving badly". How can this be validated. There does not appear to be a direct API to request video from the DVIR


How do I unassign a driver from PC when a Drive has selected the wrong vehicle in the app.

What calulcaton is used to calulcate the DEF levels in Samsara?

I am pulling the data from defLevelMilliPercent through the API calls. How do I convert this to the percentage shown on the asset page?

FuelPercent Snapshot

Using the FuelPercent endpoint, I'm doing a daily snapshot to track who refuels (or not) their truck at the end of their shift. For some reason, it only captures 10% of my fleet everytime my script runs. Any idea what it could be?

Samsara gateway to data persisttence(?)

Is there a way to get live data directly from the Samsara gateway and persist into our own data system?

Is there an API to search Assets using the asset name instead of asset id

I only have the asset name; I need the asset id to track the asset's historicalĀ locations. Is there an API I can use to obtain the asset ID from the asset name?

Is Samsara API token free to use

I have the access to cloud.samsara and I can generate the api token, is this api token free to make call samsara api calls

Dashboard view for an external screen

I'm looking for something to cast/display on a TV for a team to see, is there something baked in or would I need to build something on my own via API?

Is there a way we can add a pdf attachment to a route created via Rest API ?

We can successfully create route with multiple stops , however we need a pdf document to be attached to the route . Is that possible using api ?

Vehicle stats - fuel percents, does it report one or both tanks?

I'm using the fuel percents API endpoint and I'm not sure if it returns a single tank or both tanks combined? Can anyone please clarify this for me?