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Timeline for when the endpoint Get Trailer Stats will be out of beta?

Hi Team, Do we have a timeline for when the endpoint Get Trailer Stats will be out of beta?

Route audit-logs feed missing events.

https://api.samsara.com/fleet/routes/audit-logs/feed Hi We are calling the routes audit-logs fead every 5 seconds. Each time we call we use the "endCursor" from the previous call as the "after" parameter. Occasionally we are missing a route stop departure. If i go back and call the end point with the same "endCursor" i see in the log, the route stop departure shows up. Why is it not showing up the first time? How do I troubleshoot this? What logs can I give you? The only thing I can think of trying is to stop using the new "endCursor" when the returned data field is empty. Would this make a difference? Is the calling every 5 seconds a reasonable use pattern? Thanks

Maintanence Status Data Api

hi, I am wondering is there any API which gives all the data of maintenance section i:e asset,make/model,oddometer,faults etc. I read the docs but unfortunately did not find one API. I am Using these Two API : 1) https://api.samsara.com/fleet/dvirs/history?startTime=${priorDate}&endTime=${endTime} for driver odometer and history 2) https://api.samsara.com/fleet/vehicles/stats/feed?types=faultCodes for fault but i have to merge these two API according to id of vechicle . and data is too big. I am using node js. Thanks . I have read these Also https://kb.samsara.com/hc/en-us/articles/360042885132-Maintenance-Status

Maintenance Status and/or Upcoming Preventative Maintenance Items API

I'm looking to pull data from the Upcoming Preventative Maintenance Items portion of Samsara for a shop info screen. I don't see anything published in the API documentation that covers anything around maintenance. I see where I can use webhooks on the alerts but that would present an additional step required to reset once a repair is done.

Daily logs doesn't support RFC3339 as documentation states

When invoking the daily logs endpoint, the documentation states that RFC3339 is the expected format: > A start date in RFC 3339 format. This is a date only without an associated time. Example: `2019-06-13` While the example is not aligned with this, neither is runtime execution. The format must be `yyyy-MM-dd`, otherwise a bad request response is received. Created GitHub issue here: https://github.com/samsarahq/api-docs/issues/161

Daily logs require start and end date, even though docs do not specify them as required

I created an issue on the docs GitHub repo that can be found here to support this particular issue: https://github.com/samsarahq/api-docs/issues/160

Have Multiple Vehicles assigned on one route

Hi, We are developing a solution for a bus service provider company. So we have got multiple buses plying on a single route. We are creating a app so the general public can select a route & track where all the buses for that route are on the map or alternatively select a bus and see where it's up-to on it's assigned route. Everything is working well except, we are not able to assign multiple vehicles to a single route. We have dived into the documentation deeply, but couldn't find anything. Can you please guide us on how we can have multiple Vehicles assigned to a single route or alternatively how we can achieve our use case. Your help on this will be really appreciated.


Hello, Is there any news about Sandbox? I've seen it was on your Roadmap a year ago, so maybe you have a release date?

GetVehicleStatsFeed returned cursor is confusing

Hello, Could you please elaborate on how endCursor that is returned by "fleet/vehicles/stats/feed" api works under the hood? Does it create a snapshot whenever we make a call and return that snapshot id as the cursor? How do I make sure I get all the vehicle stats between time A and B without loosing any data? Thanks, Roman

how to get 'test/simulation' data

building an application for equipment insurance. The concept is as follows: 1)gather gps coordinates from API 2)compare coordinates against fires burning 3)execute result to user... I don't have a fleet of vehicles out there. but I would like the functionality to enable testing various coordinate locations of vehicles/equipment/objects. help appreciated