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Discrepancy between Samsara Activity Report and Drivers Efficiency API End Point

Hey guys,

Quick question! I have noticed that the miles in the Samsara Activity Report over a given time range do not match the miles that I am returning from the API. Although the numbers are not far off, not a single one of them is matching exact, with the majority of them being inflated in the Samsara UI.

Here is an example:

One of my drivers shows 4,226.5 mi in the dashboard, while the value under the totalDistanceDrivenMeters key shows 6539284 or 4063.322695 miles. This is the case with all the drivers.

This data was being pulled through the month of march through both the UI and the dashboard. I will put my API call below for a reference:

{:Authorization => '''}

Any ideas what may be going on?