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Distance Travelled

I was trying to use the Vehicle Stats Feed to daily poll (currently, could increase to more frequently, which is why I was trying the feed) and get updated engine hours, miles driven, etc


However, I'm quite frequently getting negative mileage? I'm not exactly sure how that is possible?

NEGATIVE Bus: 908 908 reported -70717 miles via Samsara at the last read on 2023-02-22 00:00:19.

Samsara reports everything in meters, so are doing a meters2miles conversion, but that shouldn't have any affect on it? I store the meters number after each daily read and then the next day, I'm just subtracting the "newly read" meters from the previous meters and at least 1 vehicle each day reports some crazy negative mileage??

Anyone else experiencing this? Is stats/history the better API to be using for this purpose?

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