Webhooks 2.0 is GA

We are excited to announce new Webhook 2.0 updates as a part of making this feature Generally Available (GA) to all Early Access and Phase 1 customers! Webhooks 2.0 includes Alert Webhooks 2.0 and Event Subscriptions.

For Alert Webhooks 2.0:

  • Any new webhooks will deliver updated payloads across all supported trigger types (see documentation here).
  • Any existing webhooks (created before this announcement), will continue to deliver previous versions of the payload.
  • Learn more about Alert Webhooks here.

For Event Subscriptions:

  • Directly subscribe to Samsara platform events to get notified when they happen, such as DVIR submitted or severe speeding detected.
  • See the full list of Event Subscriptions here. We’ll continue to add Event Subscriptions over time, following our normal release process (first release in beta then GA).

Learn more about Webhooks 2.0 here.