Can you autofill stringValues in a document?

We are trying to autofill the Route Name into the stringValue whenever a certain document is created but cannot figure out how to do this. ``` { "dispatchJobId": 9002955259, "documentTypeUuid": "79b45b3b-6e73-40e1-ac72-3b7692475d4c", "fields": [ { "label": "Order #", "valueType": "ValueType_String", "stringValue": }, { "label": "Do you accept this load?", "valueType": "ValueType_MultipleChoice", "multipleChoiceValueTypeMetadata": { "multipleChoiceOptionLabels": [ { "label": "Yes" }, { "label": "No" } ] } } ], "conditionalFieldSections": null } ```

Is there any capability to create Document Types via the API

We would like to develop an automated process to provision a Samsara organization. One of those steps includes creating all the necessary Document Types. We would like to automate this process as configuring manually through the cloud web Gui is not ideal at scale. I could not any references in the API documentation that refer to creating Document Types, only fetching.

Status of the vehicle bound to the ELD

Hi,i want know if the eld hardware device is actually connected to the vehicle.

API to Power BI

Hello, I am attempting to use an API to directly send to Power BI but I'm getting error codes when attempting the below. Can you advise? This is what I am attempting from web address below. Error code I'm getting is (404) Not Found. <\> What am I doing incorrectly?

Speeding Information

I'd like to collect data about when vehicles in our fleet are speeding, as a % of overall driving time. I see in fleet/settings/safety that my org has established speedingSettings and severityLevels, but I can't figure out where these events can be accessed via the API.

DemoData for TMS intergration testing

Is there a sandbox or demo Car data or video data for the developer to test getting gps data and telematics data?

Signature Timezone

Afternoon. My signature capture service stopped working, when the UK moved to BST, as the times didn't match the 'created date' of the Proof of Deliveries. Is the timezone for the Proof of Delivery creation in UTC? Thanks in advance!

Do DriverIds repeat from one organization to another or are they unique across all Samsara system?

This is a very simple case. We are doing an integration with Samsara for several organizations and we'd like to know if the DriverId you work with is unique across all Samsara Thanks in advance.


how can I register a vehicle on samsara I didn't see any api about this and also tell me about is samsara provides vehicle service like bus truck etc.

How do I pull the Distance traveled (Odometer W/ GPS Fallback) for a driver by day ?

Trying to build a report that would allow me to figure out payroll by miles traveled during a date range by Driver. Having trouble in finding a api that pulls distance traveled. Thank you, John Rediehs