How to remove specific tag by tag id from assets via api?

vehicles patch api remove the tags from vehicle

Could not parse row! An error occurred when trying to import addresses with the 'Address' field in double quotes.

Based on this article, <>, I must enclose addresses that contain commas within double quotes. However, when trying to import the CSV file with double quotes, I see the error message 'Could not parse row' in the Preview dialogue. It would be great if you could propose a solution. Thank you in advance.

Driver Login event associated with Carrier Proposed Assignment

We're seeing that when a driver accepts a Carrier Proposed Assignment a driver login is being created. Why does this occur?

Drive remaining and Shift remaining don't match between API and Samsara UI

Hi, We are looking at Drive Remaining and Shift Remaining time data for a specific driver in the UI and it didn't match with the data from the API. Is it a known issue if anyone is aware of such an issue? Or is it a one off issue specific to us? Thanks, Tony

importing transactions

Is there a way to import transactions. For instance we have a csv report that we would like to import into Samsara software.

OAuth UserId

What would be the best way to retrieve the userId of the person authenticating via OAuth?

Using Samsara Driver App login as a means authenticate other driver apps

Hi All, We would like to explore using Samsara's login to authenticate other driver apps. Almost like a "login with Samsara" button within the app that uses Samsara as the IDP to authenticate other services. Is this possible today? In order for this to work, it would have to allow the driver's device to fetch a token and basic info about its own samsara login session and pass to another app. Thanks! \-Nick


How can I get the ralentí?

Looking for Route and Trip relationship

How to analyze which route driver is taking for particular trip if Route Id is not present in Trip table? <br>

Create Recurring Routes Using the API

Is it possible to create a recurring route using the API or via the CSV upload?