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Do DriverIds repeat from one organization to another or are they unique across all Samsara system?

This is a very simple case. We are doing an integration with Samsara for several organizations and we'd like to know if the DriverId you work with is unique across all Samsara Thanks in advance.


how can I register a vehicle on samsara I didn't see any api about this and also tell me about is samsara provides vehicle service like bus truck etc.

How do I pull the Distance traveled (Odometer W/ GPS Fallback) for a driver by day ?

Trying to build a report that would allow me to figure out payroll by miles traveled during a date range by Driver. Having trouble in finding a api that pulls distance traveled. Thank you, John Rediehs

Error when attempting to authorize access from OAuth2 API

Hi, I followed the guide located here: https://developers.samsara.com/docs/oauth-20 to set up an OAuth2 API. When attempting to login using the authorization code workflow, I get the error "Error: not authorized to create custom role". A colleague of mine who has full admin access doesn't get this error. What should be done to resolve this? My account has developer access, which should be having READ access on all endpoints.

ECM troubleshooting/commands via a Samsara ELD module

I have a Samsara ELD customer requesting to connect to the ECM remotely to troubleshoot issues on the road without having to connect from a laptop (which they do with a NEXIQ Box currently). In particular, they want to clear codes, reflash ecms,or regening the engines. Is this possible with Samsara or any other 3rd party products?

DEF Usage

Is it possible to get the DEF usage of a vehicle via API? I can see the % value in the vehicle but cannot find this in any API. Ideally we would like to be able to see our DEF usage.

Create route (External vehicle ID)

Hi When I use the https://api.eu.samsara.com/fleet/routes api can i assign the route to a vehicle using an externalID? Thanks

API extracts after Clock change (Sprng and Fall)

If I am extracting data from various APIs for a date in EST on a date in DST, what should my parameters look like ? -5 or -4? For instance, time changed on 3/12 2 AM to 3 AM. At 6 am, we extracted data for 3/09.

Samsara Dataset

Where does Samsara get its speed and roads dataset from? Possible acceptable answers - Google maps API, OSM opensource dataset, etc. Obviously you don't maintain or create such a vast dataset so where do you get it from?

Try to add and address

When trying to add an address why do I get the following response? {"message":"could not add addresses for group id XXXXX","requestId":"fcpvpajm-ukocwsgj"}