Time on Site Report Does not Tie to Endpoints

We use the "Time of Site Report" that is available in the Reports section. I can seem to find the API endpoints that will tie the assets and time on site to this report. I have I thought it would be the Trip History endpoints, but the time is off. Any ideas on what endpoint to use to gather the Time of Site information?

exporting to Oracle DB

Hello, <https://developers.samsara.com/docs/data-replication> does not mention Oracle DB. We have Oracle ERP and interested in putting Samsara data into a staging DB so we can call this data in the staging DB as needed. Does Samsara support exporting to Oracle relational DB, e.g. Autonomous? We are not interested in SQL or Snowflake.

api's doesnt work with asp.net mvc 4.8

I'm currently using RestSharp in a C# web application with ASP.NET MVC 4.8. I've encountered an issue with the GET request – it doesn't seem to work as expected. Additionally, I'd like guidance on handling POST and PATCH requests. Only thing i get from the response is ErrorMessage = "An error occurred while sending the request." Interestingly, when I use the exact same code in either a console application or a Windows app, everything works seamlessly for both GET and PATCH operations. Could you please provide insights on how to address this issue and ensure smooth functionality in my web application?

Samsara Webhook Signature Not Verified

Hi - For some reason, I am unable to retrieve the expected signature when using webhooks. Here is the code input: ``` function(input) { const webhookSecret = input.secret; const secret = Buffer.from(webhookSecret, 'base64'); let message = `v1:${input.timestamp}:${JSON.stringify(input.body)}`; let hmac = crypto.createHmac('sha256', secret).update(message); let expectedSignature = hmac.digest('hex'); let expectedHeader = 'v1=' + expectedSignature; return { signature: expectedSignature, header: expectedHeader }; } ```

¿Tienen un ambiente de Sandbox?

¿Hay algún plan para permitir que los desarrolladores tengan una instancia sandbox ?

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wow gold

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Personal Conveyance Key Error

Receiving the following error when running a check for PC. Is this connected to the end of daylight saving time? KeyError Traceback (most recent call last) <ipython-input-42-a8e7931de05b> in <module> 61 row['Status'] = log_entry['hosStatusType'] 62 log_start_time = datetime.datetime.fromisoformat(log_entry['logStartTime'][:-1]).replace( ---> 63 tzinfo=datetime.timezone.utc).astimezone(dateutil.tz.gettz(driver_timezones\[driver_log['driver']['id']])) 64 log_end_time = datetime.datetime.fromisoformat(log_entry['logEndTime'][:-1]).replace( 65 tzinfo=datetime.timezone.utc).astimezone(dateutil.tz.gettz(driver_timezones\[driver_log['driver']['id']])) KeyError: '36365657'

Live Sharing

Hello. I would like to embed the Live Sharing code on my WordPress site. If you go to the {Coverage Map} tab and take the link to Live Share there, you need to zoom in to see the drivers' routes. If you go to the {} tab and make a link to {Settings--Links&Sharring--Live Shaing} there, a separate page opens and it is inconvenient to insert it into the site in the <iframe> tag How do I embed a live map on my site?

Trailer Location without Gateways

Hello, I have reviewed the API documentation and am trying to get all trailer locations (I am able to get the trailers with gateways connected, but not the ones without). Which APIs can I leverage to achieve this? I read in the documentation that it shows based on "last completed trip where the driver had the trailer selected with a vehicle in the mobile app". Based on the above, what are the necessary APIs I would need to call to get the necessary location of all trailers without gateways connected.