Asset / Driver Docs?

I just want to make sure this doesnt exist before I spend time building it. What I am looking for is a way for Drivers to access documents such as (DOT Cab Cards, Insurance Docs, etc.) from the Samsara App. Seems the documents fuction is really for the driver to add documents, such as a Fuel Receipt, scale ticket, BOL, etc. Is this correct or have I missed something?

When a driver logs in and logs out to ELD

Hello. We are looking to pull driver worked hours for payroll purposes. We know how long a driver has worked for from the APIs available. We also see the flags of "driving", "onDuty", and "offDuty". But we do not see flags for login/logout, as that will be indicative of when a driver clocks in and out.

Trailer - Vehicle Assignments

Hello, I'm trying to figure out links between Trailers and Vehicles via the API. I'm basing this off of the Route feed, so I have a list of Driver Ids and Vehicle Ids to work with. The only API I'm finding is for Trailer Assignments, which is based on Trailer Ids. I guess I could use it to match to the provided Driver Ids, but it would be pretty inefficient. Are there any other APIs that provide the link between Vehicles and Trailers?

¿Tienen un ambiente de Sandbox?

¿Hay algún plan para permitir que los desarrolladores tengan una instancia sandbox ?

Update tag from geofence entry / exit

How to add and remove a tag from a vehicle / asset whenever it enters or exits a geofence?

How can I retrieve the current HOS status?

I need to validate the time that drivers had been in "OFFDUTY" status. Is there any way to retrieve this information via API? Regards!

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Obstructed Camera Image

It appears that the image isn't showing under the Harsh Events endpoint for Policy Violations such as Obstructed Camera. Could the api include, at least, the image of the obstructed camera?

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Dear immortals, I need some inspiration to create <>

Cameras endpoint is available ??

<> i try to use this endpoint and it return me a 404 error