[preview] Get trips

This endpoint will return trips that have been collected for your organization based on the time parameters passed in. Results are paginated.

Rate limit: 5 requests/sec (learn more about rate limits here).

To use this endpoint, select Read Trips under the Closed Beta category when creating or editing an API token. Learn More.

Endpoints in this section are in Preview. These APIs are not functional and are instead for soliciting feedback from our API users on the intended design of this API. Additionally, it is not guaranteed that we will be releasing an endpoint included in this section to production. This means that developers should NOT rely on these APIs to build business critical applications

  • Samsara may change the structure of a preview API's interface without versioning or any notice to API users.

  • When an endpoint becomes generally available, it will be announced in the API changelog.

    Submit Feedback: Likes, dislikes, and API feature requests should be filed as feedback in our API feedback form. If you encountered an issue or noticed inaccuracies in the API documentation, please submit a case to our support team.

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