[Beta] Developer Portal


Requesting Participation in the Beta

If you'd like to participate in the Beta, please fill out this form. We will have a turnaround time of ~2 weeks to respond to you. As a reminder, you must already be an existing technology partner with Samsara.

Specifically you meeting one of these criteria:

  • you have app on our app marketplace
  • you are a systems integration expert on our experts marketplace
  • you have made contact with our partnerships team and are actively working on an integration

NOTE: if you are NOT an existing technology partner, get started by filling out our Become a Partner form.

The Samsara Developer Portal is now in Beta for Technology Partners. The Developer Portal is your "home" for the developer experience at Samsara. Over time, you will see more features and functionality emerge through this portal for you to leverage at Samsara. The current set of functionality will include:

  • Creating OAuth 2.0 apps
  • Subscribing to developer email updates
  • Receiving a Test Org for testing out API calls
    • you can only have one Test Org for testing. Please submit feedback if this does not meet your requirements.

Adding a Device to the Test Org

If approved to retrieve a developer portal, you will also get a Vehicle Gateway serial that you can activate via the "Devices" page of your test org. This Vehicle Gateway (VG) represents a virtual vehicle and it unlocks the ability for you to see all the different fleet and safety features. Not that this virtual VG does not contain actual movement/diagnostics data.

Test Orgs are an area we want to enhance over time to make the testing experience much better! Please submit your requests for improvement via our feedback form here.