[Beta] Developer Portal


Requesting Participation in the Beta

If you'd like beta access to the Samsara developer portal, fill out the "become a partner" form.

If you're an existing, certified partner on App Marketplace, reach out to your Samsara contact if you want beta access ahead of the main rollout (planned for H1 2023).

The Samsara Developer Portal is now in beta for technology partners. Developer Portal is your "home" for the developer experience at Samsara as part of our growing ecosystem.

In the dev portal you can create Marketplace apps that any Samsara customer can discover and easily install. You will also gain access to a non-production Samsara test org for testing, and you can manage subscriptions for API updates. More features are planned.

Create Marketplace Apps

You can create Samsara Marketplace apps using our app publisher on the dev portal "Apps" page.


Apps can use either OAuth 2.0 (recommended as the lowest friction, most secure option for customers) or API tokens for enabling data access.

Build your app to have the minimum viable set of data access scopes required to enable the integration. These scopes will automatically be associated with your app independent of customer authentication method.

App States

App publisher allows you to take an app from draft to published, and to make updates over time:

  • Draft: app development phase. Test in your test org.
  • Beta: pilot app with beta customers. For API token apps, share a "beta code" for app install so the customer can automatically generate a pre-scoped API token.
  • Ready for Review: submit app to Samsara for Marketplace certification.
  • Public: published app available on "Apps" page for any Samsara customer (learn more here).

When you make changes to a published app it reverts to "ready for review"; once Samsara approves the update, customers will see the updated version. Adding data access scopes will require customers that already installed the app to proactively grant the additional access, while new installs will automatically include the latest set of scopes.

App Marketplace

To be considered for Samsara App Marketplace certification you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Confirm 1+ mutual customer is live
  2. Promote your app to "Ready for Review" in the dev portal

Access your Test Org

After you accept the email invite to access developer portal, a test org will be added to your account under the "Organizations" page. This represents an equivalent dashboard to what Samsara customers use. Reach out to Integration Partnerships if you don't see a test org and need one.

You will also receive a virtual Vehicle Gateway (VG) serial in place of physical hardware (activated under Settings > Devices) so that you can access all fleet and safety components of the dashboard. Note that this virtual VG does not contain actual movement/diagnostics data.

:information-source: Test Orgs are an area we want to enhance over time to make the testing experience better. Please submit your requests for improvement via our feedback form here.