[Beta] GatewayUnplugged Event Schema

[Beta] GatewayUnplugged Webhook Payload

This webhook is in Beta. Contact support to express interest in consuming GatewayUnplugged webhook events. The Samsara Product team is reviewing each request to help us build out a sense of use cases for this endpoint. Approval is required based on use case to ensure we can provide a stable and consistent experience long term. We may reach out with additional questions.


    "eventId": "017db07f-6e95-470e-8cc0-a371f9deed2b",
    "eventTime": "1970-01-20T06:39:05.683Z",
    "eventType": "GatewayUnplugged",
    "orgId": 20936,
    "webhookId": "1411751028848270",
    "data": {
        "gateway": {
            "model": "VG34",
            "serial": "GFRV-43N-VGX",
            "vehicle": {
                "externalIds": {
                    "maintenanceId": "250020"
                "id": "494123",
                "name": "Fleet Truck #1"


Property NameDescription
The model of the gateway installed on the asset. Valid values: AG15, AG24, AG24EU, AG26, AG26EU, AG41, AG41EU, AG45, AG45EU, AG46, AG46EU, AG46P, AG46PEU, AG51, AG51EU, AG52, AG52EU, AG53, AG53EU, IG15, IG21, IG41, IG61, SG1, SG1B, SG1G, SG1G32, SG1x, VG32, VG33, VG34, VG34EU, VG34FN, VG34M, VG54ATT, VG54EU, VG54FN, VG54NA, VG54NAE, VG54NAH.
The serial number of the gateway installed on the asset.
A minified vehicle object. This object is only returned if the route is assigned to the vehicle.
A map of external ids
ID of the vehicle
Name of the vehicle