Driver Behavior

Collect safety and efficiency metrics on drivers to make informed decisions

Safety Metrics

Samsara collects safety data through the use of two devices:

The vehicle gateway uses accelerometer data to capture events such as harsh acceleration, braking, turning, speeding, and crashing.

The dash cams use AI-powered image processing to capture events such as rolling stops, unsafe following distance, distracted driving, and collision warnings.

Samsara uses these events to calculate aggregated safety scores for a given time period.

For a full explaining of how events are detected and how safety scores are aggregated, see the Cameras and Safety section of the Knowledge Base.

Safety Scores

Samsara calculates aggregated safety scores for both drivers and vehicles over a requested time period.

Safety Events

The List all safety events. API returns all safety events between a given time period. This includes both harsh events detected by the vehicle gateway as well as events detected by dash cam image processing.

The endpoint also returns URLs for downloading associated dashcam video footage with each safety event.

Efficiency Metrics

You can get driver fuel efficiency metrics via the [beta] List driver efficiency endpoint.