Partner Developer Portal

Your home as part of Samsara's growing ecosystem.


Request Partner Developer Portal access

Prospective Samsara ecosystem partners can request developer portal access by filling out "become a partner".


In the dev portal, you can create Marketplace apps that any Samsara customer can discover and easily install. You will also gain access to a non-production Samsara test org for alpha testing your integration. In addition, you can manage subscriptions for API updates, link to the Samsara channel partner login, and link to Samsara 101 education. More features are planned.

Create Marketplace Apps

You can create Samsara Marketplace apps using app publisher in your developer portal.

Access your Test Org

After you accept the email invite to access developer portal, a test org will be added to your account under the "Organizations" page. This represents an equivalent dashboard to what Samsara customers use.

β†’ Reach out to [email protected] if you don't see a test org.

In your test org, you will see a virtual Vehicle Gateway (VG) serial in place of physical hardware (activated under Settings > Devices) so that you can access all fleet and safety components of the dashboard. Note that this virtual VG does not contain actual movement/diagnostics data.

:information-source: Test Orgs are an area we want to enhance over time to make the testing experience better. Please submit your requests for improvement via our feedback form here.

Install your draft apps

Use your test org to go through the app installation process that a customer would experience (more here) and to alpha test the app(s) that you draft in your dev portal.

  • OAuth apps: use your Samsara login to grant access to your draft app
  • [Legacy] API Token apps: install your draft app in your test org to generate pre-scoped token
    • Navigate to Settings > Apps
    • Search for your draft app using the search box and click "install"

Add Users

  • From the developer portal home, access "Settings" by clicking the gear icon in the bottom left corner
  • Navigate to "Users & Roles" then click "Invite User" in the top right

Manage Subscriptions