Marketplace Apps

Connect your solution to the Connected Operations Cloud.

Samsara's App Marketplace gives customers a seamless experience across platforms as they unlock the power of connected solutions with real-time data for their physical operations.

Create Marketplace Apps

You can create Samsara Marketplace apps using app publisher in your developer portal.

App States

App publisher allows you to take an app from draft to published, and to make updates over time:

  • Draft: app development phase. Test in your test org.
  • Beta: pilot app with beta customers.
  • Ready for Review: submit app to Samsara for Marketplace certification.
  • Public: published app available on "Apps" page for any Samsara customer (learn more here).


Apps use OAuth 2.0 (recommended as the lowest friction, most secure option for customers) or [Legacy] API tokens for enabling data access.

Data Scopes

When customers install your app, pre-assigned data scopes that you select in app publisher are automatically applied. Build your app to have the minimum viable set of data access scopes required to enable the integration.

App Versions

You can make changes to public apps without un-publishing your listing using app versioning.

For public apps: save as "Ready for Review" after making changes.

  • You will see a second instance of your app "In Review" while the current version remains published
  • Once the changes are approved by Samsara, the latest version will be promoted to public.

If you add data scopes to your app: any customer that has already installed your app will need to approve the additional access requested.

  • Customers can "update" the app under Settings > Apps > Enabled Apps to grant additional data access. Learn more about how customers can update app access here.

App Marketplace Certification

To be considered for Samsara App Marketplace certification you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Confirm 1+ mutual customer is live
  2. Complete data flow diagram
  3. Promote your app to "Ready for Review" in the dev portal

→ Reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions.

Customer Support

We expect ecosystem partners to provide Tier 1 Support to any mutual customers using an integration built by the partner.

However, if you are seeing unexpected behavior from our API, please give us feedback. If it's urgent and affecting customer operations, please email [email protected] with a detailed summary of observed vs. expected behavior, including

  • your organization name
  • mutual customer name and Samsara org ID
  • issue details (observed behavior, business impact)
  • technical details (API endpoint used, error messages, etc.)

ℹ️ If you reach out to our Support, know that we cannot share any customer data directly with you. Always include the mutual customer contact when discussing a customer issue.