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Samsara provides a robust set of REST APIs to allow you to integrate Samsara into virtually any platform. These APIs cover all of Samsara's major product areas, including core fleet, asset, safety, and industrial management.


To make any calls to Samsara, you will need an API token. You can create this token on the Settings page of the Samsara Dashboard. Click the gear icon on the left-side nav bar of your Samsara Dashboard, and scroll down to "API Tokens":

Samsara Dashboard -> Settings -> API Tokens

Click "Add an API Token". If you do not need to manipulate data in Samsara, it is best to create a "Read-Only" access token.

Samsara uses the Bearer Token HTTP authentication scheme. Include the authentication token in the Authorization header in your HTTP request:

Authorization: Bearer {access_token}


Postman is an easy to use, point and click tool for testing REST APIs.

You can import Samsara's OpenAPI spec directly into Postman to get started testing our REST APIs.


Samsara's OpenAPI spec is always kept up-to-date, so you can re-import the spec into Postman whenever you like.

  1. Download the Postman app.
  2. In the Postman app, import our OpenAPI spec by pasting the following link into the Import dialog box:
  1. The collection will auto-populate on the left-hand panel with folders containing all of Samsara's APIs.
  1. Select the API you wish to test and fill in the parameters or request body.


  1. Fill in the Authorization tab by selecting "Bearer Token" and pasting in your API access token.
  1. Click "Send" and inspect the response.

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