Driver-Vehicle Assignment FAQs

The wrong driver was assigned to a vehicle in Samsara via API. How can I correct this?
You’ll need to use the POST /fleet/driver-vehicle-assignments endpoint to assign the correct driver to the vehicle over the same time period.

How do I create an assignment without an end time?
The endTime parameter of the POST /fleet/driver-vehicle-assignments
endpoint is optional - if you don’t specify it, we’ll default to the maximum allowable time to represent an ongoing assignment.

How do I eventually end an ongoing assignment?
Ongoing assignments are driver-vehicle assignments that don’t have a specified end time. Just send a request to the POST fleet/driver-vehicle-assignments endpoint with the ongoing assignment’s startTime, driverID and vehicleID and an endTime, and the assignment will be updated to reflect the endTime.

The GET fleet/driver-vehicle-assignments endpoint is returning a driver I didn't expect. Why?
Drivers can be assigned in Samsara in many different ways. Our system ranks them in the following hierarchy and returns the highest assignment source in the API response.

  • API driver assignment
  • Driver App assignment (Compliance Hours of Service)
  • Tachograph vehicle assignment (EU only)
  • Manual safety override assignment (Driver overridden in Safety Platform)
  • RFID scan assignment
  • Bluetooth token assignment
  • Ongoing driver assignment
  • Camera ID assignment (camera facial recognition)